Monday, June 1, 2015

Breaking Through the Wall

I have been working, or avoiding work, on the same story for months now. I kid myself that it is because of my other work, and there is some truth to that. I have done a lot of writing for my "normal" audience this year.

But I've also felt a little dry on the balloon fetish front. Even with several story ideas in front of me, it seems in some ways that I'm writing the same scenes over and over. Today, I still have some of that feeling, but I did finish the first draft of the story, at least.

I will have to leave it alone for a few days and then go back to it to see if I still feel the same way about it. Is it stale? Is the change in setting enough to make up with the fact that there are only so many ways to have sex with balloons (at least, only so many ways I feel qualified to write about)?

I could be completely wrong about that. I have had the same feelings before about my more conventional writing, and upon re-reading discovered that it wasn't as much the same as I had originally thought.

Meanwhile, I'm going to dive into the next story, picking something more about feelings and less about the actual sex, hoping to find a fresh angle.

I suppose that I will eventually run out of balloon fetish stories to tell. But maybe I haven't.

Not yet.

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