Thursday, May 7, 2015

Brands Of Balloons

With my recent discovery that Tilly is back making balloons in the US again, I've been doing some thinking about an interesting aspect of balloon fetishes: brand preference.

Now, not being well-acquainted with fetishes other than my own, I don't know how much this applies beyond the world of sexual attraction to balloons, but many balloon fetishists are very selective about the brands they choose. Some are even fiercely loyal.

Like me. I rarely buy any brand other than Qualatex these days, and when I did buy other brands, earlier in my life, it was mostly out of curiosity or just because of availability. This has been my preference for as long as I can remember.

Now, Qualatex balloons are of good quality, but so are a lot of other brands, from what I've read from my fellow fetishists. Are Qualatex balloons superior from an objective standpoint? Well, I think that depends on what qualities you're looking for in balloons, and if you evaluate each brand based on your preference, you might be able to choose one brand over another in a side-by-side comparison based on your most important criteria.

Or maybe not. I think that for me, I buy Qualatex balloons because when I was forming my attachment to balloons, long before they engendered any sexual feelings in me, Qualatex was just what I thought a balloon was. I vaguely remember that my doctor, when I was very young, probably four, gave out balloons at the end of each visit. (Can you imagine that happening today, with liability and latex allergy worries?)

That memory is vague, but the memory of the Qualatex clown logo stands out vividly in my mind, and when I started buying balloons for myself, I always went looking for that logo. (Here I'm aging myself; that logo hasn't been used for many years, and I can't even find an image on the Web for it.)

So I have always associated Qualatex with what makes a balloon a balloon, for no rational reason. It seems to be ingrained into my fetish. I have used, and enjoyed, other balloon brands, but I always come back to Qualatex.

Maybe I'm unusual in that regard. Maybe others have developed their brand preferences over time, or have no preference, or no strong preference, as to brand. But I think that for at least some of us, the brand of balloon we choose is less a matter of rational thought and more a matter of impulses that ride along with our fetish.

I'm tempted from time to time to try some other brands, particularly Tilly. What keeps me away from Tilly is that all of their current balloons are rather large, and I just don't use large balloons often enough to try out another brand. But if they come out with something around the 12-inch range, I think my fate is sealed, and I'll have to give them a try.

But I have a feeling that, no matter how good they are, something in the back of my mind will tell me that they aren't as good as Qualatex. Whether that's actually true or not.

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