Monday, August 13, 2012

Interesting Stuff I Find

As I said in my last post, I look around every now and then to see if my book is getting any wider exposure. And I notice interesting things. Like the fact that the book is listed in a couple of sites carrying textbooks. Hmm. Wonder what class my book would be used for? A little specific (and for that matter fictional) for Human Sexuality, I would think. And my ego isn't big enough to think that my book would form any part of a writing class.

Another thing is that several of the pages that show my book for sale have sharing buttons for the various social media. Now, I have a Twitter account for myself as fetish author, but Blowing It! does not have, for example, its own Facebook page, and is unlikely to anytime in the future. I think of Facebook as a place for people to be themselves with their real friends, and not so much a place to share their most intimate secrets (although from some of the posts I see, others might have a different opinion).

In any case, if you come across the book and hit the Facebook Like button, be forewarned that whatever you are liking has nothing to do with me.

Of course, as I have written before, promoting a pseudonymously written erotic novel is not easy, and so anything you can do to share with someone who might also be interested is much appreciated. But I don't expect you to go so far as to out yourself on Facebook. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pricey Options

Every once in awhile, I Google the search terms "Blowing It!" and "Tim Popper" together to see if anyone has got around to mentioning my book. And pretty much the only reviews I find are the one on Amazon, and reposts on various sales outlets of the blurbs I wrote myself. Most of these I initiated, and almost as many are automatically generated. But I got a couple of fascinating hits.

For one thing, there is a seller selling my book on Barnes & Noble. For $19.95. Plus shipping, I expect. Please, folks, don't waste your money. This seller is taking a gigantic markup, and I don't get any extra royalties, so you may as well buy the book from, or if you want to send a little extra my way, by the hard copy from the link on the blog, which links to CreateSpace.

Another hit was a site selling books to buyers in South Africa for 269 rand. That's about 32 bucks! Now, I don't know how import restrictions come into this, but something tells me that if a South African buyer can get it through some offshoot of, he might make out a little better.

If anyone knows, I would be delighted to hear.

I want everyone who's interested in balloon fetishism to read the novel. But I don't want them to pay more than they need to!