Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pulling Back

As I mentioned in an earlier post, writing balloon fetish stories is not what I do for a living. And what I do to put food on the table is now taking much more of my time. And so compromises are in order.

I will still be writing balloon stories; I love them too much to let that go. But my social media presence is about to get much smaller.

Before the month of July is out, I will have deleted my Facebook account, and with it the mostly-inactive page for Blowing It!

I am not leaving Facebook because of any mistreatment; it's just taking too much time and attention. I will also be bowing out of Pinterest and my practically non-existent presence on Goodreads and Library Thing.

So, where can you continue to find out about my new stories as they appear? Twitter is still a good bet, and this blog will still be around. You can also check my Amazon author page from time to time. And I check my email every day.

I want to thank everyone who's friended and followed me over the last few years since the publication of Blowing It! And I hope that you'll keep up with me.

And, of course, I wish you many lovely balloons in the years to come, in whatever ways you most enjoy them.

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