Balloon Fetish Stories 1

A collection of all of Tim Popper's balloon fetish short stories in one handy and economical volume. Includes:
Trust: A non-popper's angst about telling his girlfriend about his fetish.

Popping In: New Year's Eve for a balloon fetishist. This year, his wife is making all the plans.

Eric's Secret: A non-popper has been keeping his fetish from his wife. How will she react? Might she have a secret of her own?

Friends With Fetishes: Two friends share a mutual balloon popping fetish. Can they stay "just friends"?

Bed Buddies: A man likes to sleep with balloons, but he keeps in a secret from his girlfriend.

Popping Out: After a divorce, a balloon-popping fetishist decides to explore sex with balloons in every way possible.

Except for Trust and Bed Buddies, each of these stories is also available separately at

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