Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Cover Saga

I have decided that I need to spruce up the covers for all of my stories. I started, naturally, with Blowing It! because it is both the oldest and the longest of the three. Although no one has complained about the cover design, I always felt that it should have a woman on the cover and not just a bunch of balloons. Having no easy way to shoot such a cover, however, I figured I had to get along without.

Then along came Fiverr. It was inevitable, I suppose, that someone on Fiverr would eventually offer to pose with balloons, and sure enough, a couple of young women have. One of them was commissioned by my book designer and publishing helper to provide a few photos to choose from.

What we finally selected for the cover barely shows the young lady at all, and yet the difference, with just that little bit of nose and hand and the black front of her blouse, is remarkable. It says so much more about the book than the stock image I used before. I am inspired enough to move ahead with changes for the other two stories, and to make sure that my next story, when it finally comes, is launched with an appropriate cover photo.

I hope that balloon lovers who browse the new covers will be more inspired to have a read.

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