Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hot Fetish

I don’t normally write about other fetishes, but there was something on Twitter that got me thinking. Someone posted: "I tried finding funny fetishes but they're all really boring like balloon I already know it, why does no one have a fire fetish or a ww2 fet.” And I thought, “Fire fetish? There has to be a fire fetish. It didn’t take me long to find one, and so I answered the tweet.

But that got me thinking further. With a balloon fetish, most of the things that we fantasize about most, even if they scare some of us (me, for example), are unlikely to actually harm us. But someone who, as the poster at said, fantasizes about having "sex with someone while both of our clothes and the bed are on fire and we are getting burned a bit but we don't care because we are having too much sex to care,” is unlikely to be able to fulfill that fantasy without risking lives.

But bringing that fantasy to life on-screen, in this day of cheap special effects, might be pretty easy. Not that I’m up for it (too many projects in front of my keyboard, thank you very much), but if I fetish producer wanted to go after that niche, he or she wouldn’t even have to actually set anything on fire. Which was not true even a decade ago without some serious computing muscle and expensive software. But if you have a Mac and Apple Motion, and are very creative with lighting and sound effects, you could conceivably create a sex scene with lovers literally on fire.

And for some, it would definitely be hot.

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