Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Feeling Frisky

I get to thinking a lot about balloons this time of year anyway, what with New Year's Eve coming up and all. But this year, I'm thinking about it even more as I sit down every day to write erotic balloon fiction.

The problem, really, with writing two collections at the same time, is that every day I'm dreaming about two different fantasies. And it's not just writing, of course; I have to imagine myself living the experience of my characters, even in the less realistic stories, to make them as exciting as I can manage to make them.

In the more realistic stories, I have to think, "what would my character do and want in this situation?"

In the less realistic stories, I have to think, "what is the best thing that could happen in this situation (even if it's not very likely)?'

And whichever of those things I am thinking, I get to thinking, "I wish I was having some fun with a balloon right now."

Alas, it the opportunity rarely presents itself. I don't think I'll even get much chance on New Year's Eve, because of family obligations, although I think my wife will give me a rain check.

But whenever I get the chance, it's going to seem like a long way away.

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