Friday, October 9, 2015

Coming Soon, But You Might Want To Wait

I'm publishing a new short story for Kindle in the next couple of days, a New Year's Eve popping fantasy called Popping In. But (and I don't think you expect an author to say this), you might not want to buy it right away.

That's because, within the next week, I will be releasing a collection of balloon stories that includes this new one, my three previously-published stories, and a couple of flash-fiction efforts that will only be available in the collection.

And the collection will be a bargain. Even in printed form, it will cost less than the combined price of the short stories on Kindle.

Of course, if you've read all my previous stories, you should probably get this one separately. But if you haven't, just be patient for a little bit longer and then you can pig out on 40,000 words of balloon-fetish erotica.

I'm getting exciting just thinking about it.

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