Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What Turns You On?

For a balloon fetishist, it sounds like a simple question: "What turns you on?" And of course, the simplest answer is, "balloons." Beyond that, though, the answer is anything but simple.

In my case, for example, I like popping. Not just popping, but I do like popping. But not just any kind of popping. Pins, fire, fingernails, and knives just don't do it for me, although I know that all of those are a tremendous turn-on for someone else. I didn't even get turned on by popping until I was in my teens, long after I first started having sexual feelings for balloons.

And then it was only because some girl I had the hots for told me she liked to sit on them. I thought about her quite lovely ass pressed so hard against a balloon that it made it pop, and I began to see popping in an entirely different light.

So now, when it comes to popping, it's all about intimate contact. I've always enjoyed intimate contact with balloons. I like to pop balloon by sitting on them or lying on them. But that's nothing compared to how much I like to watch pretty ladies sit on balloons, or hug them to their breasts. Or blow them to bursting (though, frankly, I'm not sure why). And I don't like it when they cheat with their fingernails.

It turns out that I've very selective about what makes popping balloons arousing. It has to be done a certain way, or it doesn't turn me on at all. And if I see, for example, a video of a lovely lady bouncing on a balloon, even though I do plenty of non-popping play myself, I've very disappointed if the balloon doesn't pop.

Unless the lovely lady is my wife. See, it's complicated. My wife doesn't like to pop balloons at all. She has done it for me, on occasion, but she doesn't like it one little bit. She doesn't mind my fetish, as long as it doesn't take over our sex life, and she'll let me talk about popping balloons, but she does not like to do it herself.

Big disappointment, right? Well, not so much. Because, if I were to choose, between watching any other woman pop balloons in precisely the ways that turn me on most, and watching my wife play with balloons without any popping involved, which is a bigger turn-on, I'd choose my wife every time.

Because what really turns me on is the combination of the woman and the balloons, and no woman ever has turned me on as much as my wife. So the real answer to the question "What turns you on?" to me is, "My wife."

And, oh yeah, if she plays with balloons, that's icing on the cake.

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