Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time To Breathe

The novel has been out for a few months now. I have sold more than 20 copies, and given away 170. Now that there are people out there reading the book, it's time for me to let it go.

Blowing It! is not the kind of book you can shout out to the world about. It has a very small potential audience of people interested in balloons sexually, or interested in people who are interested in balloons. So it's basically time for me to let the book take on a life of its own, whatever that life might be.

I'll be here to fulfill orders if needed, and I am now going to dive in and correct all those typographical errors I alluded to earlier (I would have sooner, but my only printed copy of the book was with my wife, who has finally finished reading it).

And then I'll let it go, go on to other book projects that I can tell anyone and everyone that I wrote, and that may have larger readerships, though only time will tell.

Perhaps Blowing It! will catch on widely enough in fetish circles to make me think about going back to do the sequel. Perhaps not. But I'm still very happy that I wrote the book and went through the self-publishing process. I've learned a lot.

And if you are one of the almost-200 people who have read the book, I hope that I have created something that was worth your time, and that you'll eventually find a way to let me know.

And, straight from the heart, I want to say "thank you."

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  1. Just read the teaser on Amazon. I really enjoyed it and was hoping for more pages. Your description of the interactions and feelings of Henry and Bonnie struck close to home. I have a beach ball fetish that my wife obliges with mixed feelings (mostly positive, thankfully).

    I hope you keep writing. If the story is good, the genre does not matter. Good luck!