Monday, August 6, 2012

Pricey Options

Every once in awhile, I Google the search terms "Blowing It!" and "Tim Popper" together to see if anyone has got around to mentioning my book. And pretty much the only reviews I find are the one on Amazon, and reposts on various sales outlets of the blurbs I wrote myself. Most of these I initiated, and almost as many are automatically generated. But I got a couple of fascinating hits.

For one thing, there is a seller selling my book on Barnes & Noble. For $19.95. Plus shipping, I expect. Please, folks, don't waste your money. This seller is taking a gigantic markup, and I don't get any extra royalties, so you may as well buy the book from, or if you want to send a little extra my way, by the hard copy from the link on the blog, which links to CreateSpace.

Another hit was a site selling books to buyers in South Africa for 269 rand. That's about 32 bucks! Now, I don't know how import restrictions come into this, but something tells me that if a South African buyer can get it through some offshoot of, he might make out a little better.

If anyone knows, I would be delighted to hear.

I want everyone who's interested in balloon fetishism to read the novel. But I don't want them to pay more than they need to!

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